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> Ahh, but you forget, you guys are in the middle of a presidential campaign,
> so of course there's going to be issues raised that the candidates think
> will appeal to the most people. Like, oh, say, the current prime minister of
> a certain northern country promising to scrap a certain tax if he got
> elected. *coughcough* Do I pay only 8% instead of 15% now when I buy stuff
> at the mall? Hmm. No! Oh well, I don't pay tax on HLJ stuff, I don't care.
> =)
> It'll probably all go away after the election, until there's another school
> shooting or very violent crime comitted by a young person. Such is politics.

Ah, but you forget that this particular Presidential candidate is married to
Tipper Gore, who became famous long before her husband became Vice President for
her nationwide media campaign to ban explicit song lyrics. If Al Gore becomes
President, Tipper Gore becomes First Lady. Even if Al decides to flip-flop on
the issue, Tipper will have a bully pulpit from which to lead the charge on this
issue, to which she's already committed.


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