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I heard they used all kinds of star trek-ish terminology which had nothing to do
with gundam tech, and I could have sworn that the reviewer said that they
referred to Zakus as "Robotron defenders" in one scene. Is or isn't this true?

I guess i'll have to look for the old animerica that the review was in.

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> Although some of you believe that the Gundam movies were done poorly(no
> names shall be mentioned), in actuality, the only real problem was the way
> they said Gundam<Gun-damn is how they pronounced it>. This problem was fixed
> in the third movie. I can promise that it is unedited(there is brief nudity)
> and completely true to the original stories script. I can understand the
> mistranslation of the Gundam word, I guess, because it doesn't interfere with
> the story at all. In my book, I would have to give it a 9.5 in
> translation(nice voice-acting I guess), 9 in animation(sort of outdated), 8
> in music(very 70's-ish), and a 10 in the story(it starts off
> sssssllllllloooooowwwwwllllyyyyyy)... If you have any questions on individual
> 0083 tapes, I can help with all but the last three tapes. You can find a more
> in-depth review in my site, as soon as my site is fully up.
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