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Well...remember that I did Gundam Century so if you need any help...I'll be
glad to help.


>Thanks for the comments, I've done a bit more work on it, but not enough to
>warrant new pictures. Many of these suggestions are quite
>helpful....unfortunately a lot of the problems I'm aware of but not skilled
>enough to fix!
>Various people wrote:
>>Did you use any textures, or is it just plain lighting giving the shading?
>They're just noise textures to get rid of the plastic look temporarily until
>I make proper textures. I'm actually a much better texturer than modeller,
>that's where the real fun is. :)
>>Its a good start... Do you intend to animate or pose him??
>Pose yes, animate...probably not. I'm lucky to get through the bouncing
>ball tutorial!
>> You should put more
>>beveled edges on it.. Its a little too sharp.
>Hahahah! The nurbs guy would say that! ;) Again, I wish I was
>better...there's still a lot of smoothing to do, I generally get the shapes
>out then bevel edges to get rid of the sharpness. But unfortunately the
>methods I used to build a lot of the parts won't lend themselves to that.
>As usual I'll probably end up rebuilding many of the parts....
>> You should segment the midsection
>>more, and add gaps and clearance for it to swivel. I would redo the armor
>>more like the gelgoog JG..Im not keen on the original design of it(not
>Well, I am pretty much trying to stick to the original, on this one at
>least. Partially because it's easy! But theres something about that cheesy
>look that grabs me. You'd probably like my Queadluun-Rau from Macross much
>>The more you think about it, most MS cant move worth a damn....(too small
>>torsos, constricting skirt armor, short upper legs)..
>You're absolutely right of course, but in this case I'm enjoying the
>cartoonyness of it. If it was the ZZ or something, that's a whole other
>story (maybe I'll attempt it someday).
>>Are you intending to make this model available as freeware? I've been a big
>>fan of 3DS models, and sadly the only Gundam ones are an inaccurate GP03
>>a Heavygun...a Heavygun, for christs sake! Star Wars has thousands of
>>freeware models....heck, even Macross has more 3DS than Gundam!
>Sure. Then someone with animation skills can do something other than stills
>with it! You're welcome to a copy when it's done (you can have my
>Queadluun-Rau if you want it too). I don't know how well it will export to
>3ds, though...
>More soon. :)
>Peter Savin
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