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Wed, 13 Sep 2000 21:09:48 -0700

Thanks for the comments, I've done a bit more work on it, but not enough to
warrant new pictures. Many of these suggestions are quite
helpful....unfortunately a lot of the problems I'm aware of but not skilled
enough to fix!

Various people wrote:

>Did you use any textures, or is it just plain lighting giving the shading?

They're just noise textures to get rid of the plastic look temporarily until
I make proper textures. I'm actually a much better texturer than modeller,
that's where the real fun is. :)

>Its a good start... Do you intend to animate or pose him??

Pose yes, animate...probably not. I'm lucky to get through the bouncing
ball tutorial!

> You should put more
>beveled edges on it.. Its a little too sharp.

Hahahah! The nurbs guy would say that! ;) Again, I wish I was
better...there's still a lot of smoothing to do, I generally get the shapes
out then bevel edges to get rid of the sharpness. But unfortunately the
methods I used to build a lot of the parts won't lend themselves to that.
As usual I'll probably end up rebuilding many of the parts....

> You should segment the midsection
>more, and add gaps and clearance for it to swivel. I would redo the armor
>more like the gelgoog JG..Im not keen on the original design of it(not

Well, I am pretty much trying to stick to the original, on this one at
least. Partially because it's easy! But theres something about that cheesy
look that grabs me. You'd probably like my Queadluun-Rau from Macross much

>The more you think about it, most MS cant move worth a damn....(too small
>torsos, constricting skirt armor, short upper legs)..

You're absolutely right of course, but in this case I'm enjoying the
cartoonyness of it. If it was the ZZ or something, that's a whole other
story (maybe I'll attempt it someday).

>Are you intending to make this model available as freeware? I've been a big
>fan of 3DS models, and sadly the only Gundam ones are an inaccurate GP03
>a Heavygun...a Heavygun, for christs sake! Star Wars has thousands of
>freeware models....heck, even Macross has more 3DS than Gundam!

Sure. Then someone with animation skills can do something other than stills
with it! You're welcome to a copy when it's done (you can have my
Queadluun-Rau if you want it too). I don't know how well it will export to
3ds, though...

More soon. :)

Peter Savin

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