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Well, if I recall, Garoad(From Gundam X) was a mechanic....

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As I was watching ADVFansub's Nadia, I'm struck by the idea of engineer as
the main character. Nadia and Ghibli's similarly themed Laputa both
features an engineer as the male protagonist.

In Gundam, there have been a few that would also qualified:

1. Amuro Rey, an gear head even before fate placed him in the cockpit of
RX78-2. Help in designing in his last mobile suit RX93 Nu Gundam.

2. Camille Vidam, like Amuro, a gear head prior to getting into RX178 Gundam
Mk. II. Help in designing Zeta Gundam.

Are there more that qualified, heroes and villains who's an engineer and

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