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Wed, 13 Sep 2000 19:31:14 +0100

Its a good start... Do you intend to animate or pose him?? You should put more
beveled edges on it.. Its a little too sharp. You should segment the midsection
more, and add gaps and clearance for it to swivel. I would redo the armor skirt
more like the gelgoog JG..Im not keen on the original design of it(not your
fault!). I would consider recontouring the bellbottoms too.. I would make the
head smaller too (Check out the JGs!). Pay attenntion to the knee and especially
the back of it where it bends.. I dont personally believe in copying something
verbetum(sp). I think the Gelgoog design in general leaves a lot of room for
improvement , and one should take artistic and mechanical liberties with it.. As
a someone who does this for a living, I find many times I have to alter a design
so it can work for aniamtion... I think its good way to work your designs out
because the more you can have the mech pose like a person, the more dynamic itll
be. The more you think about it, most MS cant move worth a damn....(too small
torsos, constricting skirt armor, short upper legs).. Just my 2 cents... Good
rendition of the existing 0079 version tho...

Peter Savin wrote:

> I've finally decided to finish up my CG Gelgoog. It still needs a lot of
> detailing, and the textures are just placeholders for now, but I thought I'd
> show it to you guys for suggestions. The midsection is a little bit fat,
> but I think I've pretty much captured the character of the MS. Any
> suggestions would be appreciated. :)
> Peter Savin
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