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That's UFO Grendizer, one of the popular robot shows, along with Mazinger Z
and Braive Reideen, before Gundam changed everything. Actually, I think I
might know the person who did that, his online name is "Anonymous Loser B"
and I think he's a big fan of G Gundam. I think it's him.
He knows a LOT about classic anime, and has a list of just about every anime
in existence, not to mention when American cartoons were running on Japanese

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That was very funny. I laughed out loud for the first time in days.
Whoever created that page was a pretty humorous person, IMO. Would you
happen to know what series the mech is from? It reminds me of the robots I
used to draw when I was a little kid.

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Just go there. Now. Preferably don't do it while you're at work or somewhere
else where spontaneously laughing out loud for a few minutes may get you in
Eheheheh. I love it.

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