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<< Ok, I'm sorry if I sound a little pissed off, but listening to the same
 argument constantly for ten years tends to piss one off...
 Yes, I did say ten years. That's how damm long the sub versus dub debate
 has been going on. Don't you guys think it's time that we end it? >>

  I see how you feel, but this is one of those eternal debates. It's like the
Eternal struggle between Good and Evil! :) To me, since DVD's have both on
them, this fact should end this debate. Everyone gets their perferred format
on one disc, with often times 4-5 episodes and extras on most DVD's, at about
the same price as old subbed tapes with only TWO epidodes or a few dollars
lower. So, the debate is really no longer needed, as far as I am concerned.

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