Chris Beilby (
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 22:12:30 GMT

> Yes, I did notice that in the first part, but who was the below directed
>at? If it wasn't directed at me, then sorry for misunderstanding you.

> It just seemed like the above was aimed at everyone's complaining, even
>they had legitimate complaints.

My rant was mainly aimed at ArmorofDoom. Now I agree that if there's a
legitimate reason to complain (such as with Escaflowne) I don't mind... But
when it's people who are completely prebiased against ALL dubs and and
follow the belief of 'If it's dubbed, it's cr*p," then I'm tired of it...
Now Bob ( has put out valid arguments, and I'm not
ranting at him. But ArmorofDoom is spouting the same old eletist tripe that
all of the SubSnobs have been spouting for over ten years. I Prefer subs
myself, but I also realize the economic and cultural reasons that the dubs
are there. Many people prefer Dubs, because they don't have to concentrate
on reading the subtitles, the subtitles don't obscure the action... And
they're cheaper, because the companies know that they'll sell more Dubbed
copies than subbed. As for the television broadcasts, people, there is NO
CHANCE IN HELL that a TV broadcast is ever going to be subtitled rather than
dubbed. People WILL NOT watch subtitles. It's the same reason that movies
are always shown in pan and Scan on TV. People don't like Widescreen.
Therfore, the only place you see widescreen on tv are the channels that
cater to movie fans (AMC, TCM) or the Sci Fi channel (They're taking a hell
of an impressive risk with B5 in widescreen...)

Ok... End Rant.
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