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Subject: [gundam] (Slightly-0T)Government crackdown on violent entertainment

> A while ago in "For The Barrel News" we were discussing the media's
> on violence-and now low and behold, the government states that 'violent
> movies/games are being deliberately targeted to youngsters'. I wonder how
> this is going to effect anime's spread in the US, since there are some
> violent shows, and also how it's going to effect hollywood as a whole. I
> don't think in Matrix II for instance we'll have a scene like the one
> they shoot up the security guards...
> it's sad really that my country has a tendency to be anal from time to
> Things aren't like this in Japan, at least to my knowledge.

Ahh, but you forget, you guys are in the middle of a presidential campaign,
so of course there's going to be issues raised that the candidates think
will appeal to the most people. Like, oh, say, the current prime minister of
a certain northern country promising to scrap a certain tax if he got
elected. *coughcough* Do I pay only 8% instead of 15% now when I buy stuff
at the mall? Hmm. No! Oh well, I don't pay tax on HLJ stuff, I don't care.

It'll probably all go away after the election, until there's another school
shooting or very violent crime comitted by a young person. Such is politics.

- dom

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