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I would expect to see the GP-03 stamen itself molded into MG, and the Orchis
available as an(EXPENSIVE) B-club resin add-on, like the conversion parts
for the Perfect Grades and Master Grades.
I'm still betting on Kampfer and Nu Gundam being the next MGs after EZ8 and
Gouf. Why? Well, most of the base Zeon MS have been done, and I don't think
they'll do the 0080 and 0083 variants. Also, Z and ZZ Gundam enemy mechs
seem destined for the HGUC line-they're just not important enough. Besides,
the Alex is lonely, and the Kampfer, with all it's weapons, seems to be
begging to be adapted into MG format.
Of course the Nu Gundam would make sense as well. It's a star gundam-and the
Sazabi needs a friend.
 After that, I think we might see the F91, even though it's so small. It
definetly won't be heading for the HGUC line since 1/144 would be a puny
size for it, so 1/100 MG is a natural choice.

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>btw, what happened to that 10,000 Yen yet-unknown-grade GP-03 that was
> >being talked about a few months back in this mailing list? is that
> >gonna be a reality?

I would love to see this model being made into a MG. But if Bandai decides
to include the Mobile armor Base with it, the price will probably exceed
13,000 Yents! Anyway, as a true fan for this suit, I will gladly pay this
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