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Eddie writes,

>LOL, yeah, why not? There's already a manga that tried to tie Ideon
>into U.C., as weird as it was.

  Now that I think about it, Ideon also prefigures Turn A's cyclic
cosmos. The title robot is a legacy of a long-dead civilization, and the
story ends with all intelligent life wiped out, and their souls returning
to Earth to start the process anew. Hm...

>LOL, you got me there. So... where does that leave us? Is Tomino bound
>by these fan creations when he works on a new series? Or does he get the
>power to throw out "established" factoids out of the window as he sees fit?

  Presumably he has the power should he choose to exercise it, but
usually he seems more concerned with adding on new rooms to the Gundam
mansion rather than remodeling the old ones. :-) I think the real hazard
is when other creators revisit the established history and make
additions. The 0080 and 0083 creators made a commendable effort to stay
within the bounds of popularly-accepted continuity (redesigned mobile
suits notwithstanding), but I don't think the 08th MS Team creators
really knew what they were doing...

  For the most part, though, the creators of the animated canon have been
more than happy to build on the fan-created background. I think this
could be summed up as the Star Trek principle, versus the Star Wars one. ;-)

>It will probably take a few years though... MSV wasn't created overnight
>either. One could also attribute the lack of theories to the somewhat
>lackluster performance of Turn-A in comparison to the original series.
>When you get few interested people in the discussion, it's hard to come
>up with much.

  Not to mention that Turn A is hardly the fresh new phenomenon that
First Gundam was 20 years ago. It's quite possible that nobody will ever
bother to build fancy theories on the Turn A-verse, especially when they
have shiny new stories like Escaflowne and Evangelion to analyze... Seems
we're in agreement on that score, eh?

-- Mark

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