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Chris Maier asks,

>It's struck me that apart from it's cousins the Zaku, Dom,Gelgoog, and even
>the Gyan,the Gouf never really had systems that were incorporated in later
>Mobile Suits. In other words, it never 'evolved'. Why was the Gouf so

  The simple answer: It really wasn't an improvement over the Zaku. Aside
from slight improvements in armor, power, et cetera, it had only two
major advantages:

* Jumping capability thanks to leg jets.
* Lower weight allowed installation of built-in weapons.

  The former feature could just as easily be installed in Zakus, as with
the Desert Zaku and Zaku Cannon. The latter was a dubious asset, since
different versions had to be created when the weapons mix was changed.
And the Gouf still didn't address the most crippling flaw of the Zaku in
ground combat:

* For long-distance travel, it was limited to walking movement.

  Despite its jumping abilities, the Gouf was still ground-bound. The
Dom's jet-powered hovering gave it three times the speed of a sprinting
Gouf - a major breakthrough in ground mobile suits.

  In the end, the window between the completion of the Gouf and the
prototyping of the Dom was so small that production was halted as soon as
it began. It seems that Ma Kube's Eurasian forces got the lion's share of
the few that were produced.

-- Mark

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