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Hyun Kye asks,

>Can anyone please tell me what Zeon Dai Kun's main theory was and whether he
>was really assasinated by the Zabi family? THanks~!;

  Daikun's philosophy, "Contolism," was a combination of two existing
beliefs among the space colonists. One of these was "ere-ism," the belief
that Earth was a holy planet that shouldn't be contaminated by human
habitation. The other was "Side-ism," basically space colony nationalism
- the Sides should be independent political entities, not controlled by
Earth. Daikun tied these together into a grand theory that human destiny
was to leave the mother planet and move into space. As an ultimate goal,
he predicted that humans would become "newtypes," an enlightened breed of
space-born humanity.

  As a popular leader and champion of independence, Daikun's teachings
served the purposes of the Zabi family and helped pave the way for Side
3's split with the Earth Federation. It's not clear whether the Zabis
really had Daikun assassinated once his usefulness was at an end - Char's
accusation, that Degin Zabi "engineered my father's fatal heart attack,"
smacks to me of mere conspiracy theory. But it's a fact that Degin took
power based on a dubious claim that the dying Daikun named him as
successor, and that his first act thereafter was to purge Daikun's loyal
followers from Side 3.

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