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Chris Beilby wrote:

> Ok, I'm sorry if I sound a little pissed off, but listening to the same damn
> argument constantly for ten years tends to piss one off...
> Yes, I did say ten years. That's how damm long the sub versus dub debate
> has been going on. Don't you guys think it's time that we end it?

If it can drive you to a heart attack, hell no! Hahaahaa, that's some
entertaining shit. Anyway, if that debate could end then so could the debate
of real vs. fake breasts, Chevy vs. Plymouth vs. Ford, analog vs. digital music
recording, etc., etc. Face it, you're going to have fingernail marks in your
palms from fist-clenching frustration until you die, same as me.


"Saw him this morning in the hall. He says he's little slimmer, a little
 paler, but he can swallow again."

- Thrid, on Lou2 being knocked out of the dating scene for 2 weeks from strep dick exposure

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