Chris Beilby (
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 04:27:39 GMT

>Aaron, you're exactly right... Now, let me tell it to you from my point of
>view, as an old time anime fan... When you complain about dubbing today,
>be glad that you didn't have to suffer through the dubs of my time... I
>have been watching anime in one form or another for 20 years. And the dubs
>today are incredible, when compared to the TV edits of that time... Don't
>complain about Gundam Wing until you hear what paul Terry did to Science
>Ninja Team Gatchiman.
>Basiclly, what I'm saying is stop complaining until you know what you're
>truly complaining about... And if you don't like dubs to begin with, then
>KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT, because you aren't going to be objective...

Ok, I'm sorry if I sound a little pissed off, but listening to the same damn
argument constantly for ten years tends to piss one off...

Yes, I did say ten years. That's how damm long the sub versus dub debate
has been going on. Don't you guys think it's time that we end it?

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