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<< Basiclly, what I'm saying is stop complaining until you know what you're
 truly complaining about... And if you don't like dubs to begin with, then
 KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT, because you aren't going to be objective... >>

   I WAS NOT complaing about dubs. You should have read my preview posts more
clearly. I said CN did an EXCELLENT job with GW. I like dubs, I buy more dubs
then I do subs for your information. 1. Because it's cheaper and 2. it's
easier to watch. I prefer subs, but I like dubs as well. Most are good and
some are bad. I DID complain about the DBZ dub. At times it seems good and at
other times it's good. I liked the Evangelion dub, the Macross II dub, the
Macross Plus dubs and several others. The Lensman and Vampire Hunter D where
excellent as well. Did you read all my posts on this issue? If not, you
cannot truly comment on my dubs verse subs view. It appears you did not fully
take the time to read the post of my you quoted, it said the 0083 was good,
so I have no idea how that can be taken as COMPLAING about dubs, Sheesh!! As
far as I am concerned, DVD's have both, so therefore the sub/dub debate
should be ended in anime fandom.


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