Chris Beilby (
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 04:10:53 GMT

> Then don't watch it when it's shown on CN. Buy the subbed version when
>it's released of First Gundam, simple as that. Besides, 0080 and 0083 are
>already available in a subbed format. To me they are fine and to you they
>bad, fine with me, each has their own opinion. I don't think showing Gundam
>subtitled on CN, would go over well with most Americans. With a dub, it's
>easier to focus on the action, character development, character
>etc. When I buy anime, I usually buy dubs, as they are cheaper, but now
>there are DVD's, I can get subs at a decent price, not to mention usually 4
>episodes a DVD. Anime shown on American TV will always be dubbed. People
>to complain about the dub voices, not the idea of dubbing. Dubbing done
>is fine, its not fine when the voices are bad. See my view point on
>Dubbing is NOT bad per say, it's the quality of the dubbing that matters,
>"Oh, it's a dub, it must be crap."

Aaron, you're exactly right... Now, let me tell it to you from my point of
view, as an old time anime fan... When you complain about dubbing today,
be glad that you didn't have to suffer through the dubs of my time... I
have been watching anime in one form or another for 20 years. And the dubs
today are incredible, when compared to the TV edits of that time... Don't
complain about Gundam Wing until you hear what paul Terry did to Science
Ninja Team Gatchiman.

Basiclly, what I'm saying is stop complaining until you know what you're
truly complaining about... And if you don't like dubs to begin with, then
KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT, because you aren't going to be objective...
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