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>Were the Gundams in the UC really as durable as those in the AC? I have
>to agree on that part about G 8>(Tequilla Gundam anyone?)
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>> Yeah, but the thing is that Power Rangers/Voltron/etc. didn't have
>> heavy
>> political agendas and suicidal, depressed protagonists.
>> Also, I've never seen the Gundams as 'nigh-indestructible' as you
>> put it.
>> Most of the Gundams are destroyed through the series, and get
>> replaced and
>> or modified later on. I don't see how this is different from other
>> Gundams.
>> RX-78-2 was pretty powerful and lasted quite a long time without
>> incurring
>> overly heavy damage, and Zeta Gundam and the Mark II lasted two
>> freaking
>> series without suffering too much damage. But the Gundams in Wing are
>> often
>> destroyed, and are really no more vulnerable than the UC Gundams.
>> Also we
>> have the designs-Remove the buster rifle and the Wing Gundam/Wing
>> Gundam
>> Zero could probbly fit right into UC continuity. Of course the other
>> Gundams
>> may not look as 'real' but if you're going to pick on ridicoulous
>> mecha
>> designs, check out G Gundam instead.

part of me says that the pilot makes the unit stronger or weaker...

remeber in EW where Heero (in a space-type Leo) goes head-to-head with Wu Fei (in the Nataku)? if Heero cam to fight with the desire to win, he might have made the battle end in a draw, or disable the Nataku...
or in CCA where Amuro uses the ReGZ skillfully compared to Kaera (Kaera though deserves some slack - at the time that Gyunei beat her, she was so intent on attacking Axis, thus giving Gyunei enough opportunities to eventually disable Kaera's ReGZ, just like what Gato did to Kou in their respective mobile armors)

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