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> What all, old chaps! Have not posted for a while, and I decided to do so
> today. Here are a few random thoughts I have, and I wanted to share them
> with you all:
> 3) What would have happened if Dozul and Garma Zabi survried
> the war? Who would Delaz have sided with?

Actually, Douzel would have probably defered to Garma. In any event, Delaz
would have sided with Douzel first, and who ever Douzel is with.

> 6) Would Shiro have joined the AEUG?

In his condition at the end of 08th MS Team? No. Shiro is quite ready for
perminent retirement.

> 7) What if ALL of Zeon's Mobile Armours were present at the battle of A
> Bao A Qu? Would the Feds have lost?

? Don't know how much that would have help. A bunch of Zeon mobile armor
are aquatic and completely useless in space. It would have really help if
they had 10 Big Zam. Newtype mobile armor are always limited by the lack of
qualified pilots.

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