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Wed, 13 Sep 2000 11:22:38 +0800

gundam@aeug.org wrote:

>Does anyone know if they made models of the Mobile Armors Val Varo and Neue
>Ziel? I'm a big Mobile Armor fan and was wondering if I could add these to my
>collection, which is quite small, unfotunately. And why don't they make more
>models of Mobile Armors? In my opinion, these monsters are more powerful than
>any fancy Gundam or standard MS.

sigh...I wish they'd make them in plastic injection kits...are those resin kits still in stock?

speaking of which, does the SD G Generation F line of kits include an SD Neue Ziel? it already has the GP-03 (whoo boy...the first SD kit that I really did play with - all the other SD kits are just displayed after building) "blasphemous" as they [the SD kit versions] may be (hey garrick...just borrowed a word from your earlier post in another mailing list), for the average person like me (except maybe if I hit a lottery jackpot, taxes be damned ^_^), they're the only things closer to a resin model (except maybe if they release a non-SD plastic injection kit). the only regret I had back then was I didn't buy a 1/550 scale Alpha Aziel (from CCA) from a hobby shop here when I had the chance...now I can't find one :(

btw, what happened to that 10,000 Yen yet-unknown-grade GP-03 that was being talked about a few months back in this mailing list? is that gonna be a reality?

"watch out fellow Virtual On Oratorio Tangram player! here comes AJIM-boy!"

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