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>jost found this on a bbs
>Gundam - applies to the mobile suit RX-78 Gundam and its myriad
>descendants. The title robot from the original series, with its
>distinctive blue-and-white color scheme and V-shaped antennae, has been
>reincarnated in just about every one of the Gundam saga's sequels and
>Q. What are mobile suits?
>A. Mobile suits are one of Gundam's trademark gimmicks. These are giant
>robots, humanoid fighting machines operated by human pilots; they are
>typically 15 to 25 meters (50 to 80 feet) tall. The first mobile suits
>were developed by the Duchy of Zeon as high-mobility space fighters,
>and soon proved to be a major advantage for the Duchy.
>Contrary to popular supposition, mobile suits did not evolve from
>civilian construction machines. It was only after years of military
>research that the Duchy's engineers were able to solve the hardware and
>software problems involved in creating a humanoid vehicle. With these
>problems solved, the technology was subsequently adapted for civilian
>One step above the mobile suit is the fearsome mobile armor. These non-
>humanoid vessels are larger, faster, and more heavily armed than
>regular mobile suits, and are typically designed to look like scary
>monsters. Mobile armors are often used as testbeds for exotic new
>systems that are too bulky to be installed in mobile suits.

IIRC that's from the Gundam page of Animevillage.com...I should know, as I always referred to that page for my introduction in one of my termpapers (no plagiarism included, of course)

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