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<< Man, this is Japan they are shipping from! We are talking about the
 other side of the globe. I have plenty of problems with HLJ, but
 there is no one shipping stuff from Japan any cheaper. >>

  You must have different experinces then I have had. I've had stuff cost the
same from HLJ as it was from an import store(shipping included) by the time
HLJ adds their shipping. I see no point in ordering from HLJ, when either
way, even if I am saving money on the items, it costs the same amount totally
from HLJ or the import store, so I am not saving any money. You know, online
stores often jip people on shipping rates. A few things seem fishy about
their priceing practices, according to my gut feelings. When items are about
the same as the estimate, but shipping USED to be this way as well, it hasn't
been too accurate at all lately.

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