Tue, 12 Sep 2000 21:25:41 EDT

  Yep, their shipping is expensive. Sometimes the shipping charges are fine
and sometimes they are very steep.

  What I have found it is this: Place a $30 order, need to hold back about
$20 for shipping, just in case. If you place an order of $100 or more, be
sure to keep about $50 just case.

  Some will make excuses for HLJ, but when I used the shipping estimates, as
well as taking the weight into account, when I received the payment notice,
shipping was $10 bucks more then the estimate. Yes, $2-$3 over is acceptable,
but $10 over? I don't like dealing with estimated prices. I have limited
income, so I must know what my order will cost before I am committed to buy
it. Since I didn't have the extra $10, I had to go through a hassle to get it
canceled. I have a right to know the total cost of an order, BEFORE I am
committed to buy it. It feels sneaky to me, when a store only has estimates
for prices. Yes, I understand its expensive to send overseas, the currency
rates change, et al. But its insane when the actual shipping cost is $10 more
then the estimate.

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