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Roland Thigpen wrote:
> >what was painfull to look at was FOX KIDS' interpretation of
> >Escaflowne.. i haven't even seen ANY Escaflowne in any form before that
> >and even then i still thought it bit.. i certainly hope this edit isn't
> >what ends-up as the standard dub on Video-stoer shelves :P
> >
> >-Les
> >
> Agreed. They have left out alot of minor things that are VERY important later in the story (for example, Van adding some of his blood to the Drag Energist before placing it into the Escaflowne, bonding him to the machine), and the hack job they've done otherwise almost makes it unwatchable. Still, I think the actually dubbing (except for one or two characters) as been done quite well. Especially for Van, Hitomi, Melulu (Merle I think in the dub), and Dulando. Makes me look forward to the DVDs.
> Roland

i oly saw one episode, saw enough of the hatchet-job on the fight scenes
to realize this is not the kind of animation i wanted ot watch..
antagonist A charges Antagonist-b.. cut ot Antagonist-A standing in a
heroic pose with ifst raised and Antagonist-B falling on his ass.. ugghh

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