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i mean when there isn't blood in the edit it isn't
there unedited either, there was some blood, but i
refere specifically to the scence where cathrine
punches trowa, i'm sure there was suposed to be blood
but it was eidted the same as in dbz

--- Roland Thigpen <> wrote:
> On Tue, 12 Sep 2000 18:41:33 -0500 Leslie_R
> <> wrote:
> >armour of doom wrote:
> >>
> >> ok i've been watching the discussions evading
> them to
> >> eveade flames, but i belive i will put in my 2
> cents,
> >> i have yet to see an american dub job i liked,
> some
> >> are tolerable, most bite. and this so called
> eidted
> >> version vs. unedited, i thought edited ment less
> >> blood, i've seen both versions, the blood is cut
> from
> >> both, the only diff is this:
> >>
> >> uneidted:
> >>
> >> "i will kill you"
> >>
> >> edited:
> >>
> >> "i will destroy you"
> >>
> >actually i saw the blood in th unedited version..
> next episode anyway..
> >in the edited version Heero lies on the hospital
> and the 'camera' zooms
> >in and pans down his pristine arm while we get to
> hear this mysterious
> >"drip, drip" sound comming outta nowhere.. n the
> unedeted we get to see
> >his bleeding wound and the blood is makeing the
> "drip, drip" noise
> >
>'s amazing what some people miss simply
> because they are already biased towards something. I
> also remember a huge pool of blood spreading out
> from Heero after he detonated Wing that first time.
> Wasn't in the edited version, but sure was in the
> unedited one. And then there was the blood from the
> two times Duo shot him (when they first met) that
> wasn't in the edited version, but was in the
> unedited one. And....Well, you get the idea.
> Although I will agree that the dub could have been
> alot better. I thought that the 0083 and 0080 dubs
> were far better.
> >what was painfull to look at was FOX KIDS'
> interpretation of
> >Escaflowne.. i haven't even seen ANY Escaflowne in
> any form before that
> >and even then i still thought it bit.. i certainly
> hope this edit isn't
> >what ends-up as the standard dub on Video-stoer
> shelves :P
> >
> >-Les
> >
> Agreed. They have left out alot of minor things that
> are VERY important later in the story (for example,
> Van adding some of his blood to the Drag Energist
> before placing it into the Escaflowne, bonding him
> to the machine), and the hack job they've done
> otherwise almost makes it unwatchable. Still, I
> think the actually dubbing (except for one or two
> characters) as been done quite well. Especially for
> Van, Hitomi, Melulu (Merle I think in the dub), and
> Dulando. Makes me look forward to the DVDs.
> Roland
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