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>armour of doom wrote:
>> ok i've been watching the discussions evading them to
>> eveade flames, but i belive i will put in my 2 cents,
>> i have yet to see an american dub job i liked, some
>> are tolerable, most bite. and this so called eidted
>> version vs. unedited, i thought edited ment less
>> blood, i've seen both versions, the blood is cut from
>> both, the only diff is this:
>> uneidted:
>> "i will kill you"
>> edited:
>> "i will destroy you"
>actually i saw the blood in th unedited version.. next episode anyway..
>in the edited version Heero lies on the hospital and the 'camera' zooms
>in and pans down his pristine arm while we get to hear this mysterious
>"drip, drip" sound comming outta nowhere.. n the unedeted we get to see
>his bleeding wound and the blood is makeing the "drip, drip" noise
>'s amazing what some people miss simply because they are already biased towards something. I also remember a huge pool of blood spreading out from Heero after he detonated Wing that first time. Wasn't in the edited version, but sure was in the unedited one. And then there was the blood from the two times Duo shot him (when they first met) that wasn't in the edited version, but was in the unedited one. And....Well, you get the idea.

Although I will agree that the dub could have been alot better. I thought that the 0083 and 0080 dubs were far better.

>what was painfull to look at was FOX KIDS' interpretation of
>Escaflowne.. i haven't even seen ANY Escaflowne in any form before that
>and even then i still thought it bit.. i certainly hope this edit isn't
>what ends-up as the standard dub on Video-stoer shelves :P

Agreed. They have left out alot of minor things that are VERY important later in the story (for example, Van adding some of his blood to the Drag Energist before placing it into the Escaflowne, bonding him to the machine), and the hack job they've done otherwise almost makes it unwatchable. Still, I think the actually dubbing (except for one or two characters) as been done quite well. Especially for Van, Hitomi, Melulu (Merle I think in the dub), and Dulando. Makes me look forward to the DVDs.


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