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R.J. Barrett asks,

> What is the difference between a Mobile Suit, a Gundam, and a Mobile Armor?

  Mobile suits and mobile armors are different varieties of mobile weapon; a
Gundam is a type of mobile suit.

  Mobile weapon: a type of weapon that is typically (but not always)
operated by a human pilot, with high power output & manueverability.
Subcategories include mobile suits, mobile armors, mobile dolls, and mobile

  Mobile suit: a humanoid mobile weapon, with manipulator hands and walking
legs. These come in all sizes, with military mobile suits typically between
15 and 15 meters. Smaller civilian mobile suits are usually called "mid",
"petit," or "junior" mobile suits.

  Mobile armor: a non-humanoid mobile weapon - usually larger, faster, more
powerful, and more heavily armed than a mobile suit. There are a number of
variable types that can change between humanoid and non-humanoid forms;
these are classified as either variable mobile suits or variable mobile
armors, presumably depending on their size and power.

  Gundam: a line of mobile suits based on, or inspired by, the Earth
Federation's RX-78 close-combat mobile suit. The alternate-universe stories
have their own unique derivations of this term.

  That help?

-- Mark

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