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Gundam - applies to the mobile suit RX-78 Gundam and its myriad
descendants. The title robot from the original series, with its
distinctive blue-and-white color scheme and V-shaped antennae, has been
reincarnated in just about every one of the Gundam saga's sequels and

Q. What are mobile suits?

A. Mobile suits are one of Gundam's trademark gimmicks. These are giant
robots, humanoid fighting machines operated by human pilots; they are
typically 15 to 25 meters (50 to 80 feet) tall. The first mobile suits
were developed by the Duchy of Zeon as high-mobility space fighters,
and soon proved to be a major advantage for the Duchy.

Contrary to popular supposition, mobile suits did not evolve from
civilian construction machines. It was only after years of military
research that the Duchy's engineers were able to solve the hardware and
software problems involved in creating a humanoid vehicle. With these
problems solved, the technology was subsequently adapted for civilian

One step above the mobile suit is the fearsome mobile armor. These non-
humanoid vessels are larger, faster, and more heavily armed than
regular mobile suits, and are typically designed to look like scary
monsters. Mobile armors are often used as testbeds for exotic new
systems that are too bulky to be installed in mobile suits.

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> What is the difference between a Mobile Suit, a Gundam, and a Mobile
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> > Does anyone know if they made models of the Mobile Armors Val
> > Varo and Neue
> > Ziel? I'm a big Mobile Armor fan and was wondering if I could add
> > these to my
> > collection, which is quite small, unfotunately. And why don't
> > they make more
> > models of Mobile Armors? In my opinion, these monsters are more
> > powerful than
> > any fancy Gundam or standard MS.
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