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armour of doom wrote:
> ok i've been watching the discussions evading them to
> eveade flames, but i belive i will put in my 2 cents,
> i have yet to see an american dub job i liked, some
> are tolerable, most bite. and this so called eidted
> version vs. unedited, i thought edited ment less
> blood, i've seen both versions, the blood is cut from
> both, the only diff is this:
> uneidted:
> "i will kill you"
> edited:
> "i will destroy you"
actually i saw the blood in th unedited version.. next episode anyway..
in the edited version Heero lies on the hospital and the 'camera' zooms
in and pans down his pristine arm while we get to hear this mysterious
"drip, drip" sound comming outta nowhere.. n the unedeted we get to see
his bleeding wound and the blood is makeing the "drip, drip" noise

what was painfull to look at was FOX KIDS' interpretation of
Escaflowne.. i haven't even seen ANY Escaflowne in any form before that
and even then i still thought it bit.. i certainly hope this edit isn't
what ends-up as the standard dub on Video-stoer shelves :P


> if the same people who dubbed GW dubb EW the same way,
> i will barf, vomit, and hurl. and to compare voltron
> to GW is comparing micky mouse to daffy duck.
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