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I could recall the army knife was omitted from the HeavyArms Kai &
Custom and the DS Custom lack the shield it uses for attacking. Also
Sandrock Kai Custom lost it beam machine gun, was this due to their
immediate need of their MS? I observed this in SRWalpha and still
searching for a copy of EW subbed

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RE: [gundam] 3 series' confirmed.)

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> recieves a boost in performance in it's original specialties but in
> other areas as well, makeing them more versitile and better suited
> for
> lone combat.. D-Hell not only get's a major boost in stealth and
> speed,
> but the moe powerfulll twin beam scythen and added protectoin of it's
> wing-shields make it better suited for stand-up fights. Altron's
> close-combat ability is effectively doubled with adition of an extra

> dragon fang and the double-beam trident, but aside from that a much
> needed long-range arsenal is installed in the new stinger-tail..
> Sandrock Kai also gets an improvment on it's weak long-range weaponry
> with the inclusion of the sub-machinegun and Heavyarms? well, after
> going through the Kai upgrade i don't remember it habitually running
> out
> of ammo in the middle of battles.. Wing Zero? it's a good stand-alone
> unit simply by virtue of being so ridiculously over-powered
> wel, that's my analysis, kinda ironic i think that just after all 5
> Gundams have modifications and/or are replaced with other units
> better
> able to stand alone in the AC battlefild all 5 Gundam pilots start
> rworking togeterh just as they were originally intended..
> -Les

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