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A Gundam is a mobile suit, and is usually either a
(1)Heavy combat mobile suit
(2)Prototype for other MS

Mobile Armors are large attack craft that can't be classified as a
ship(Since they usually carry only one person) or a mobile suit(Since they
don't have humanoid shapes)hence the name. Mobile Armors are mostly
one-of-a-kind. Sometimes the line between mobile armor and mobile suit can
be blurred; for example the dendorium from 0083 and the multiple
transforming MS from Z gundam. MAs also are capable of devastating entire
fleets, for instance the Byg Zam makes a pretty big mess at Solomon.

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What is the difference between a Mobile Suit, a Gundam, and a Mobile Armor?

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> Does anyone know if they made models of the Mobile Armors Val
> Varo and Neue
> Ziel? I'm a big Mobile Armor fan and was wondering if I could add
> these to my
> collection, which is quite small, unfotunately. And why don't
> they make more
> models of Mobile Armors? In my opinion, these monsters are more
> powerful than
> any fancy Gundam or standard MS.
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