Tue, 12 Sep 2000 18:09:47 EDT

Speaking on the topic of models...... which is better, 1/144 painted or 1/144
unpainted? I guess it would have to depend on the skill of the painter
though, eh? Also, I am curious if I can display my site addy on the Mailing
List<don't wanna get kicked off it>. Well if I can't I won't, but if I can! Also, if anyone feels like chit-chattin' about Gundam, you
can talk to me via ICQ<44191168> or AIM<AmuroRay0079>.... I can answer most
questions about the suggested prices for Models<1/144th Scale> Also, I would
like someone to hook me up with their<no copy-pasted stuff> original
Synopsises for any series from the Gundam universe!

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