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<< Now if they could just get rid of Gers... I didn't like any of the 4 songs
he wrote on the new album.


Well in one sense can you blame Steve for keeping him in the band? I mean let's face it Adrian and Bruce both bailed on him before so he is keeping a backup in case they take off again. But honestly Maiden is the only chance they have of a future in the music industry, and even that is a longshot. I mean yeah metal is "supposedly" coming back. But honestly I haven't seen old school metal coming back very successfully. Now everyone flocks to the new breed of metal. They can't seem to appreciate a band that doesn't have to downtune until their strings are like rubberbands to be heavy. I have been listening to some old Maiden recently, and honestly their music takes a lot more talent then the newer breed of metal. I am not saying that only old music is good, but honestly all of the recent bands are one hit wonders if they are lucky, and bargain bin buddies if they aren't.


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