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Rodrick Su wrote:

> If they cannot handel UC Gundam, so be it. I mean Wing has more complicated
> political plot than UC Gundam, so if they have no problem following Wing
> plot, what's not to like about UC? The only possible turn off I can see are
> the female Wing fans who was specificially target by Wing with it's pretty
> boys protaganists, UC does not have any of that.

I suppose pretty boy Garma, and pretty boy Char aren't good enough for todays
girls then? I gotta laugh when people say that MS Gundam is too realistic for
the wing fans to handle, I mean MSG is barely one step away from the Super robot
shows it replaced. The female Wing fans of today that you guys apperantly find
so annoying are no different than the Female fans of 79-80 who cried when
"Garma-sama" was killed!

> Like I said, the exposure of unadulaterated UC Gundam on Cartoon Network can
> only be a good thing. Don't blame CN for dubbing, Bandai is the one
> handling the dubs.

Did I say otherwise? I was critiquing the dubs off of the Japanese DVDs for
God's sake. And I agree it'll probably be a good thing, but I've heard that the
Gundam movie dubs were really badly translated, (I haven't seen the dub myself
though) I sure hope they do a better job on the series.

---Brett Jensen

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