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Mon, 11 Sep 2000 21:19:47 -0700 wrote:

> No, that's why I do not understand all the foaming at the mouth going on.
> Yes, "I am going to Kill you" was changed to "I will Destroy You" and the
> blood was edited out and a few dialogue changes, but nothing major to affect
> the show in ANY meaningful way. There's no major cuts, if any in GW, to
> affect it's story. CN showed GW with blood and all, at midnight, every
> weekday. So, it was a wonderful treatment of GW. I am sure other Gundam
> show's will get the same treatment.
> Aaron

Mabey if you'd actually read my message instead of just the reply you'd know
that I said that I like what CN did with GW. I just think that we must be wary.

---Brett Jensen

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