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> > Were the Gundams in the UC really as durable as those in the AC? I have
> > to agree on that part about G 8>(Tequilla Gundam anyone?)
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> Lets just say that the mobile suits are more evenly balanced. In AC, there
> are frequently 5 vs. 500 combat. In UC Gundam, the most one sided battle I
> can think of is the Psycho Gundam Mk. II vs. about 30 MS. And that Gundam
> is classified as a mobile armor. The biggest one sided battle Amuro Rey
> ever face was the 6 minutes combat in Side 6 in OYW.
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something i've pondered recently about the AC gundams is the specialties
of their design.. thinking along the lines of how they were supposedly
intended fo ruse in the original Operatoin Meteor plans working together
and how the 5 scientist's plans sorta SNAFUed that

looking at each of the 5 gundams they do appear to be made for
combined-action.. Deathscythe's quick-dash speed and stealth make it
ideal for a recon and special-missions unit, Shen-Long is a front-line
fighter specializing in close-combat while Heavyarms is long-range
fire-support, Sandrock's heavy armor and potent close-range (i.e. 'last
ditch') weapons make it an ideal command unit and Wing is air-cover..

at least that's how i see it, had events turned out diferently, but
instead they were forced to operate individually, which might be one of
the reasons these Gundams faired so poorly against more multi-role MS
and MD units built with performance specs approaching or matching thier
own (not just the Virgo and Taurus Mobile dolls, but Tallgeese which is
technicaly inferior to all the Gundams is better balanced desing wise
and fought Wing ot a stand-still, and beat the snot out of Heavyarms..
if you say it has more ot do with the pilots i like to think that
Heero's super-intensive traing and Zech's experience effectivly cancel
each other out)

then we get into the up-grades, not coincidentally each Gundam not only
recieves a boost in performance in it's original specialties but in
other areas as well, makeing them more versitile and better suited for
lone combat.. D-Hell not only get's a major boost in stealth and speed,
but the moe powerfulll twin beam scythen and added protectoin of it's
wing-shields make it better suited for stand-up fights. Altron's
close-combat ability is effectively doubled with adition of an extra
dragon fang and the double-beam trident, but aside from that a much
needed long-range arsenal is installed in the new stinger-tail..
Sandrock Kai also gets an improvment on it's weak long-range weaponry
with the inclusion of the sub-machinegun and Heavyarms? well, after
going through the Kai upgrade i don't remember it habitually running out
of ammo in the middle of battles.. Wing Zero? it's a good stand-alone
unit simply by virtue of being so ridiculously over-powered

wel, that's my analysis, kinda ironic i think that just after all 5
Gundams have modifications and/or are replaced with other units better
able to stand alone in the AC battlefild all 5 Gundam pilots start
rworking togeterh just as they were originally intended..


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