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> << And getting more people interesting in UC Gundam is a bad
> thing? God, you
> elitist make me wonder why you even bother to watch the show.
> >>
> I think he's just worried that based on some of the more vocal
> gundam wing
> fans out there(present company excluded) and their reaction to the
> show(thousands of yaoi pics,,tons of yaoi fanfics,people using the phrase
> gundam to replace mecha),they might react in a negative way
> towards the UC
> era since "it's not like wing." I think though this might have
> been a good
> choice to start people down the path to Gundam, it was a double
> edged sword
> in that parts of it werent really representative of UC gundam,so
> people might
> get turned off by that.

If they cannot handel UC Gundam, so be it. I mean Wing has more complicated
political plot than UC Gundam, so if they have no problem following Wing
plot, what's not to like about UC? The only possible turn off I can see are
the female Wing fans who was specificially target by Wing with it's pretty
boys protaganists, UC does not have any of that.

> For example,most people i know who started watching Wing were the Voltron
> fans of old. Voltron was mad sentai-ish,and Gundam has some
> similar elements. The 5 superhero-ish main characters and their nigh
> invincible Gundams are
> very reminiscant of Voltron(or Go-Lion as it is in japan). People in the
> mainstream have learned to accept Voltron to some degree and think mecha
> shows are all like that(take another bunch of somewhat current shows like
> Power Rangers and Mighty Morphin Beetle Borgs). The very militaristicly
> themed UC era gundam series might too much for them.

Like I said, the exposure of unadulaterated UC Gundam on Cartoon Network can
only be a good thing. Don't blame CN for dubbing, Bandai is the one
handling the dubs.

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