Michael Hinchen (hinchen@mindspring.com)
Tue, 12 Sep 2000 07:04:13 -0700

As a new(I got into about 2 months before I knew Wing was going to air when I
picked up a kit on a whim) but particularly rabid Gundam fan. I started with
Gundam wing but quickly switched over to UC Gundam because of the better
storyline behind Amuro Rey and the whole UC thing as a whole as opposed to the
randomness of the Wing. Don't get me wrong I still love Gundam Wing and the
alternate reality thing hell the Deathscythe Hell Custom is my first and still
one of my favorite kits but UC Gundam just kicks the collective ass of Wing. I
mean you have the original series,0080,0083,MS 08th team, Char's Counter attack,
Zeta, etc...
I'm jacked about them possibly showing the already dubbed UC stuff(all of which
were well done. Not Cowboy Bebop but also not craptastic Sailor Moon/Pokemon/DBZ
either) and hopefully they will dub the rest of the stuff as well.
I've seen subtitled which is okay but I hate reading while I'm watching an anime.

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