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I did watch through the whole Endless Waltz Special Edition on YTV last
night. Since I only have the subbed 3 ep. OAV I really wanted to see the
extra footage that was included in the movie Special Edition. The extras
maybe added another 5 min or so but the added scenes of the Gundams at the
end were very nice. There was also alot of extra scenes added here and
there throughout the whole move just to clear up the storyline and the
animation sequences. On the whole the movie version is what I would call a
cleaned up version of the OAV IMHO.

On a side note, I saw all the GundamWing action figures in the local Zellers
on the weekend. I just happend to be passing by the toy section on the way
to the elevators and there at the fron of the isle were the action figures.
About 20-30 fo the Gundams, Tallgese and the other enemy suits..

I guess Gundam is becoming mainstream even up here in Canada.

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On the Endless Waltz airing on YTV
I saw EW subbed last year some time and thought it was a reasonably followup
to Wing. I do like the new designs, in general. I managed to make it through
about 10 minutes of YTV's airing before I had to turn it off and go listen
to my Gundam Single's History CD to restore my sanity. The dubbing certainly
didn't improve any. Sally sounds like a man, Lady Une is completely off, and
every time Duo opens his yap visions of Rat Trap flash through my head. I
don't like Wing enough to sit through this dub. It's nice that it remained
fairly edit free, but I still despise this dubbing job. I shudder every time
someone speaks. Just my opinion ;p
Nicholas "Echo|Fox" Paufler

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