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Were the Gundams in the UC really as durable as those in the AC? I have
to agree on that part about G 8>(Tequilla Gundam anyone?)

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> Yeah, but the thing is that Power Rangers/Voltron/etc. didn't have
> heavy
> political agendas and suicidal, depressed protagonists.
> Also, I've never seen the Gundams as 'nigh-indestructible' as you
> put it.
> Most of the Gundams are destroyed through the series, and get
> replaced and
> or modified later on. I don't see how this is different from other
> Gundams.
> RX-78-2 was pretty powerful and lasted quite a long time without
> incurring
> overly heavy damage, and Zeta Gundam and the Mark II lasted two
> freaking
> series without suffering too much damage. But the Gundams in Wing are
> often
> destroyed, and are really no more vulnerable than the UC Gundams.
> Also we
> have the designs-Remove the buster rifle and the Wing Gundam/Wing
> Gundam
> Zero could probbly fit right into UC continuity. Of course the other
> Gundams
> may not look as 'real' but if you're going to pick on ridicoulous
> mecha
> designs, check out G Gundam instead.

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