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  CN did an EXCELLENT job with GW. What gets me, lot's of people on this ML
WANTED Gundam to be on TV, well knowing what changes *may* be made to the
content and now lot's of people are now moaning because Gundam is finally
*ON* cable TV!! Sheesh, some people are never happy. If it bother's them so
bad, all they have to do is *BUY* the unedited, DVDs, for goodness sake! >>

I've never had a problem with the dub of GW. It was fairly well handled but
it's just personally I don't find Wing to be a series I liked as much as
other UC series. I was weaned first on GW and then moved onto the good UC
stuff like yourself Blaze. But, what I am worried is the newly developed fan
base percieving GW to be the epitomy of Gundam and when they see the outdated
original MSG series,they wont see past the old animation and sees the great
story and throw it away based on looks alone.

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