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Epyon is Greek for "next".

~Chris "NeoGoji" M.~

> ROBOTICK wrote:
> I bought 1/144 Epyon and Wing Gundam 0 at Toys 'R' Us Sunday, not
> because I'm a fan. I just happened to be at the store and was blown
> away by the appearance of Gundam models outside of a small shop. I
> already built Epyon, though I haven't painted it yet, and what really
> bugs me about it is the front skirt armor. It and the entire lower
> front Torso are one big piece. That sucks. So does the whip. Three
> pieces! Can you believe it? I just hope they didn't screw up WG0
> too. I know, it doesn't really matter since I paint it all anyway,
> but the coloring was horrible. The thighs, which are supposed to be
> light gray or white, were almost black. The black pieces, which are
> supposed to be black, were almost black too. On a scale of 1-10, I
> give this kit a 5. I know it seems high, but you have to admit that
> Epyon is one bad suit.
> BTW, anyone know the significance of the name "Epyon"? I know it's
> some kind of Greek letter or something, but is there any other meaning
> or relation?

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