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Wing and GG was also shown her in the Phil uncut I believe the only
problem (w/ Wing) was some named were mistranslated accidentally or on
Doris-Torees (way weird 8>)
Krusheranada- ???

hope they show it here on CN Asia

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> << was the CN GWing badly dubbed and edited(filled w/ cuts)? >>
> No, that's why I do not understand all the foaming at the mouth going
> on.
> Yes, "I am going to Kill you" was changed to "I will Destroy You" and
> the
> blood was edited out and a few dialogue changes, but nothing major to
> affect
> the show in ANY meaningful way. There's no major cuts, if any in GW,
> to
> affect it's story. CN showed GW with blood and all, at midnight,
> every
> weekday. So, it was a wonderful treatment of GW. I am sure other
> Gundam
> show's will get the same treatment.
> Aaron
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