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Mon, 11 Sep 2000 22:53:11 -0700

>I should get a Zaku II but I can't decide
>which flavor to get. I've seen the Black Trinary up close and personal, and
>didn't like the purple on it, so thats out. Don't like Char's red, so that
>one and Johnny Ridden's are out right away. That leaves the normal Green and
>the white Shin Matsanuga ... which to get... decisions decisions.

If you get the White Wolf one, you'll have to do some painting. For some
odd reason, Bandai decided to mold some parts like his heat hawk and other
minor parts in bright red. The red used in Johnny Ridden's R-2 is not the
same as the red used for Char's Zaku II, though.

>Too bad
>there's no Ranba Ral's Zaku II.

They just might do another mold recycle!

>I love the look of his Zaku I MG, but I
>really hate the head.
>On that note, any word on when the MG Ez8 and Gouf will be shipping? Any
>bets as to what follows them?

MG Gouf is October IIRC. Dunno about the Ez8.

>On HCM's
>Definately my favorite line of Gundam figures. 1/144 is a nice scale, and my
>RX-178 has a nice feeling of solidity. I'm currently bidding on a HiZack for
>him to fight, so let's hope he gets a friend in short order. As for the rest
>of the line, I can't remember whether someone said to avoid the Z or the ZZ?

Avoid the Zeta like the plague. I think few will dispute that it is one of
the worst from the series. The ZZ on the other hand is a very solid toy.

>On eBay
>Aurgh! It's bloody aggravating sifting through the crap on eBay. I don't
>care for Wing stuff, so I don't want to go through pages of HG's and 1/144's
>and Wing action figures, but I can't remove them from the search query
>because idiot sellers stick "gundam wing" in auctions entirely unrelated to

I feel your pain. Lately I got fed up enough I just stick "wing" in the
exclusion parameters. If there are sellers stupid/greedy enough to list
non-Wing stuff under Wing, it's his loss, not mine.

>Aurgh. In a similar vein, if you think eBay is bad for bootleg gundam
>stuff, check yahoo auctions. Its freakin' insane the stuff people are
>getting away with there. Makes my blood boil.

Wow, I only got enough time to surf 1 auction site...


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