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>I had their autographs on my old bass. Then I went and busted the truss rod
>ask) and when my band broke up, I left the dang thing at his house. One of
the band
>members was a friend had an older Megadeth CD he brought for an
>and the guy wouldn't sign it cuz he didn't play on it. Don't remember which
guy it

You're a bassist too? cool! Same here, and am in a band right now with college
kids, LOL!

We're playing all-original stuff, and we're setting up a page on the net. Hopefully,
I can also get some webspace for storing our demos. If anyone could help me
on these...please help?

Our music is kinda weird. it started out as metal, but now since everybody
has different influences, we're kinda somehwere in between all the genres.
it's damn cool.

Speaking of which: was there ever a really heavy metal intro for a gundam show?

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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