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>> it's the way it's told, and the viewpoint of it. That's all how everything

>> boils down to isn't it?
>To you and me, yes. But we're not representative of the overreacting PC retards

>out there that complain about everything and can't take responsibility for

>raising their own children and feel that they have tell others what they can
>can't see/hear/taste/smell. They're the ones that think all anime is tentacle

>rape and nudity, like the asses at the Disneyland Hotel and Convention Center,

>right? And who's to say that just because a story about war and death is told

>well and is written well that it won't still help turn a kid violent? So you

>take your chances.

Aye, that I will agree on with you. All these Uber-PC stuff is just too damn
much. And if their kids turn out to be sanitized, boy, will they have a rude
awakening. I had some friends like that. Good boys, they were paragons of
virtue because their parents proudly proclaimed that they were brought up correctly.
 yeah. Right. Well, one of them is now in drug rehab because he bought into
the druggie-yuppie lifestyle, another one suffered a nervous breakdown, and
another one is mentally scarred because his girlfriend left him for his best
friend. All this PC stupidity just creates a greater possibility for a whole
generation of sanitized idiots who will fold at the slightest hint of temptation
disguised as freedom.

>> and there may not be legions of brain damaged kids, but there are sure
>> enough of them to make a lot of my relatives think about sending their
>> kidds back to my country to make them live in a safe environment. Which
>> funny since my country always seems to be on the brink of disaster.
>So your relatives would extrapolate a piddling percentage of dorks into a
>majority? My mom is like that, always telling me to not go out at night ever
>parties and stores and such because all she sees on the news is the 2 or 3

>violent incidents a night that happen in L.A. She doesn't realize that they

>*don't* report the millions of bland non-violent happening going on every night

>here because it would take forever and nobody would care, it's not "news".
>she thinks that crap happens all the time and I'm just lucky I'm still alive,

>like I'm driving through Bagdad during Desert Shield or something.
>"They could also have included all the Pink's you could eat, an
> interactive Kirk hologram and a Mayflower truck full of Asian whores,
> and you'd STILL find a way to complain about work non-stop."
> - Crom, on Clu's bemoaning a lost contract opportunity at Disney
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