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<< I think he's just worried that based on some of the more vocal gundam wing
 fans out there(present company excluded) and their reaction to the
 show(thousands of yaoi pics,,tons of yaoi fanfics,people using the phrase
 gundam to replace mecha),they might react in a negative way towards the UC
 era since "it's not like wing." I think though this might have been a good
 choice to start people down the path to Gundam, it was a double edged sword
 in that parts of it werent really representative of UC gundam,so people
 get turned off by that. >>

   Well, there's nothing much that can be done about this sort of thing. Most
American's aren't Gundam or anime fans, at least most people I know have
never heard of anime, much less Gundam. My close friends and family know what
anime and Gundam is, because that's natural when your a Gundam and anime fan.
There will always be fanatics of anime, like their are Ecco fanatics and
religious fanatics, it's part of life. Some people just take things to the
extreme and way too seriously. The yaoi stuff is a pain in the butt,
espcailly when one is trying to find normal, non perverted, pictures of the
mecha and characters of Gundam. That's part of the 'Net though, freedom of
speech run wild. If one really cares about Gundam, even if all they've seen
is GW, the will give the UC stuff a chance. The first Gundam series I saw was
GW, before it was on CN. Yes, I really like GW, but I like the UC stuff much
better. Although GW was my first Gundam series, I was building UC kits
several years before ever seeing GW. Even if I wasn't building UC kits, I
would still have probably liked UC better.


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