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At 22:32 09/11/2000 -0700, Echo|Fox wrote:
>Conversation has been light lately, so now time to spark some conversation.

        "Conversation has been light lately"?? Are you sure your killfile
isn't getting rid of certain threads for you? =)

>On MG Models:
>I'm definately going to need to pick up some Zeon MS's. Right now the Gelgoog
>is near the top of my list, at least until the Gouf comes out. I'll probably
>end up getting a Rick Dom first though, since thats one of my favorites.

        Hrurmph. I don't quite like the Gelgoogs available -- Char's pink
turns me off, didn't like the B/C version, so only the A and its big beam
rifle appeal to me. =) Still, I'm holding out for a MG Gelgoog J or F/Fs
version.. drool..

        As for Goufs.... Well, if they use the 08MST Gouf, I would consider
it, but it's really, really low on my MG wish list.

        Rick Doms.. well, I hear from this here list that the Rick Dom is
simply a MG Dom with some exchange of parts but also without most of the
weapons. I don't intend to get a Dom until they come out with a Rick Dom II,
with the MMP-80, a pair of Panzerfausts, and a bazooka. =)

        What I really want is a good MG GM kit from 0080. If I can get my
wish, a MG RGM-79G/GS/SP multiple GM kit, with swappable parts. =) Failing
that, a MG RX-77-D Guncannon is also welcomed.

        Come to think of it, there's never been an MG Guncannon kit..

>I should get a Zaku II but I can't decide which flavor to get. I've seen the
>Black Trinary up close and personal, and didn't like the purple on it, so

        I find the colour okay, but two things put me off. First, the
thought of putting together MORE of those Zaku cables is really scary.
Second, the R1A type has very few weapons IMO -- a bazooka, a 120mm cannon,
and a heat hawk. Not quite what I want.

>That leaves the normal Green and the white Shin Matsanuga ... which to get...
>decisions decisions.

        Well, I suggest the F/J kit. It's customizable -- you can choose
either F or J type, and with a little work you can make it swappable. The
weapons selection is good too -- bazooka, 120mm, 90mm and heat hawk.

>On that note, any word on when the MG Ez8 and Gouf will be shipping? Any
>bets as to what follows them?

        Bets? Sure. I think a safe one will be a MG RGM-79G. The ground type
GM is very simple to adapt from the existing RX-79G Gundam. I was looking
over the sprue, and from the 14 sprue of the Gundam kit, Bandai will
basically just need to drop 3 trees, modify 3 trees, and maybe add 1, for a
total of 12 sprues for a MG RGM-79G GM kit. I assume the missile launcher
and bazooka will come with the kit though.

        A possibility is a MG RGC-83 GM Cannon II. We know that the GM
Cannon decended somewhat from the NT-1, and with the MG NT-1 out, it's
possible Bandai will actually do a Guncannon/ GM Cannon kit. If this does
shows up, then a RX-77-D is also a possibility.

        Other more far out ideas is a 0080 GM kit -- after all, the OYW and
0083 both got GM kits out, the probability of a 0080 GM kit is good -- and
0080 Zeon MS, most possibly the Kampfer. Sadly, I don't think a Gelgoog J is
that likely.

        08MST's main protaganists are out -- Zaku II Js are already here,
and the Gouf is coming out. I doubt they would do a Asparas (sp?). Again, a
79G GM is likely.

        As for 0083, it's pretty much milked dry, except for Gelgoog F/Fs
and the Dom Trop type (I seriously doubt that a Xammel will be out, even
though the Sazabi is!).

        Z and ZZ suffers from not having a primary enemy MS to produce, IMO,
so that's anyone's guess.

        CCA's main antagonists are out, so the possibilties from there are
slight -- Gera Dogas, Jagd Dogas and Jegans are most likely from there, but
again, not likely.

>On my site
>Got linked from the Anipike today. Rock.

        Good! Your site is good for getting Gundam images. I especially
liked the Kondo (or was that Katoki?) images..

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