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<< And getting more people interesting in UC Gundam is a bad thing? God, you
 elitist make me wonder why you even bother to watch the show.

I think he's just worried that based on some of the more vocal gundam wing
fans out there(present company excluded) and their reaction to the
show(thousands of yaoi pics,,tons of yaoi fanfics,people using the phrase
gundam to replace mecha),they might react in a negative way towards the UC
era since "it's not like wing." I think though this might have been a good
choice to start people down the path to Gundam, it was a double edged sword
in that parts of it werent really representative of UC gundam,so people might
get turned off by that.

For example,most people i know who started watching Wing were the Voltron
fans of old. Voltron was mad sentai-ish,and Gundam has some similar elements.
The 5 superhero-ish main characters and their nigh invincible Gundams are
very reminiscant of Voltron(or Go-Lion as it is in japan). People in the
mainstream have learned to accept Voltron to some degree and think mecha
shows are all like that(take another bunch of somewhat current shows like
Power Rangers and Mighty Morphin Beetle Borgs). The very militaristicly
themed UC era gundam series might too much for them.

Or I could be rambling.....

                        -Deli Llama

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